EOZ Elite Ozone Warming Oil - $25.00

Do you remember the issue of Cycle Sport when they first clued us to a future French star named Sylvan Chavanel of the Brioches la Boulanger team' He came across as completely likeable and unpretentious. Why' Despite his amazing palmares in what was then still a very young pro career, he spoke of how deeply he was still in love with racing his bike. In a Proustian moment, he specifically mentioned how nothing excited him more than the strong smell of embrocation that always accompanied the peloton as they rolled away at the beginning of a race. To Chavanel the scent of an anxious pack was synonymous with competition itself.Why embrocation' Because it enhances the natural power of massage: It increases blood flow to your muscles and prevents the build-up of lactic acid. Elite's Ozone Warming Oil accomplishes this by generating heat in your muscles immediately upon application, and maintaining that level of warmth throughout a race or a hard workout. Ideal along with a quick rub-down immediately prior to a race or tough ride. 5.1oz bottle. - $25.00