EOTech 517.A65/1 Tactical HOLOgraphic Weapons Sight - $469.00

HOLOgraphic Weapons Sights have proven effective for fighter pilots, military and police units. This revolutionary technology is renowned for its precision accuracy, extreme durability and ability to function in harsh conditions.Lightning fast, reticle-on-target acquisition that lets you keep an eye on the target while superimposing the reticle during close-quarters combat. Its reticle has a 65-MOA circle with quadrant ticks with 1-MOA aiming dot. Waterproof. Fogproof. Runs for up to 1,000 hours on two AA lithium batteries. Mounts to a 1" Picatinny rail. Anti-glare coating. Zero magnification. Weight: 12.3 oz. Sight dimensions: 5.7"L x 2.1"W x 2.8"H. Type: Sights. - $469.00