Enve Twenty6 AM Carbon Wheelset - $2,420.00

Unlike its road counterparts, current carbon mountain bike componentry often suffers undue skepticism over its strength based on a not-so-perfect past. That, however, is changing as we see carbon expanding from handlebar and seatpost use to becoming the material of choice for high-performance frames and now, even rims -- like the ones found here on the Enve Twenty6 AM Carbon Wheelset.Once aluminum matrixes and titanium ruled high-end mountain bike frames, but advancements of carbon fiber composites, manufacturing techniques, and polymers has boosted this wonder-weave's strength and durability to levels that now exceed the traditional constructions. In the case of Enve's carbon AM rims, proprietary molding techniques create full-carbon rims with strength and stiffness that bests most alloy rims. One ride will quickly convince you that carbon fiber provides the best steering precision due to the higher tension and stiffer platform. The AM Wheelset isn't the lightest of Enve's mountain wheelsets, but they're plenty strong for aggressive trail riding -- while rivaling the weight of some alloy XC wheelsets. That's because Enve uses a special bladder system to increase the heat and pressure while molding the rims. This packs the layers tighter and improves the rim surface, both inner and outer, to reduced stress risers. It also means the construction can be much more precise to avoid adding excess weight.The AM Rims are made with another proprietary Enve design -- uninterrupted carbon filaments thanks to no post-cure drilling, bonding, or machine processes. In fact, the spoke and valve stem holes are created in-place during the molding process. This results in a final structure with long, intact, and continuous carbon filaments that distribute stress loads over their entire length -- the longer the fiber, the greater the distribution of the stress. - $2,420.00