Enve Smart System 3.4 Carbon Tubular Wheelset - $2,900.00

If you're a racer on a budget, the one place you shouldn't skimp is on the rolling stock. Top quality wheels make a huge and noticeable difference in performance and ride quality. And if you are looking for a top flight pair of tubular racing wheels, then consider the Smart Enve System 3.4 Carbon Tubular Wheelset.Designed to hit all the right numbers for the holy trinity of aerodynamics, stability and lightness, the 3.4 Tubular Wheels are ideal as your everyday and your race day wheels. While deeper-section wheels can be faster, they often get pitched about in heavy crosswinds. These Enve 3.4 wheels are easier to handle and potentially safer on blustery days. Low drag numbers and confidence-inspiring stability mean that you won't have to worry about being swept off the road in Jan Ullrich Lightweight fashion circa the 2004 Tour de France.Enve and Simon Smart have managed this by developing a method by which they could measure steering torque in response to crosswinds. You can see the results in the shape and size of each rim, they're optimized for their front or rear applications -- the front rim has a depth of 35mm and a width of 26mm to increase stability while the rear rim has a depth of 45mm and a width of 24mm to reduce drag since stability is less of an issue. This combo is fast and predictable in real-wind situations. That you can count on their stability might save your time trial or your life if you happen to be riding on the shoulder of a wind-swept state highway.While the 3.4 Wheels are aerodynamically efficient, they're the 'climbing' wheels in the Smart Enve System collection. They're breathtakingly light; the rims are a baby-bird-feathery 340g in the front and 380g in the rear. These wheels together will weigh less than one filled water bottle. If you've considered your Ksyriums your climbing wheels, you will experience an epiphany on your first foray into the mountains. - $2,900.00