Enve 8.9 Carbon Tubular Wheelset - $3,100.00

Whether you're in the peloton or at Kona, speed matters. But, the question begs to be raised, how do we define speed' Some assert that aerodynamics are the end-all-be-all of speed, while others point to light weights and rigidity. However, regardless of what your definition is, we can all agree that it's increasingly uncommon to find one set of wheels that embodies all of our definitions. But, note that we said 'uncommon' and not 'impossible.' This is because American innovators like Enve produce exceptional products like the 8.9 Carbon Tubular Wheelset. Boasting the industry's highest stiffness-to-weight ratio, unparalleled durability, and aerodynamics that are literally ahead of the curve, the 8.9 is undoubtedly a revolution in speed. As part of the Enve Smart System, SES series, the 8.9 carbon tubular uses Enve's most sophisticated technology and engineering techniques to ensure a fast, stiff, and aerodynamic wheelset. The 8.9's aerodynamic design starts with the size differential of the wheels. Enve accounted for the different behaviors of front and rear wheels, and designed the 8.9s with a front wheel that's 85mm deep and 26mm wide, while the rear wheel is 95mm deep and 24mm wide. The front wheel's shallower profile and wide stance helps decrease drag in windy conditions. The rear wheel's depth also decreases drag, because stability is less affected at the aft position of the bike. According to Enve, the 8.9s create a low drag number rivaling many competitors' 80+ mm depth wheels. In fact, when comparing the necessary power required to hold 40kph at yaw angles ranging from 0 to 16 degrees, the 8.9 requires around three to four watts less than the Zipp 808 Firecrest, it's leaps and bounds ahead of the 404 Firecrest, and it's basically miles ahead of every offering from HED and Bontrager. However, for the sake of full disclosure, the data does show the Firecrest 808 at a slight advantage between 13 and 15 degree yaw angles. - $3,100.00