Engel MD14 12-volt DC 15-qt. Fridge-Freezer - $659.99

Whether youre chilling drinks for the campsite, transporting fish home from the dock or on a lengthy road trip, the Engle Fridge-Freezer has you covered. With a 12-volt DC adapter, you can power it directly from your cars power outlet. Set the temperature dial between 41F and 5F. It fits easily onto the floor or seat of any vehicle, and the flip-open top lid makes retrieving cold beverages or snacks easy. Theres no ice involved either, so say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and ruined frozen goods. Vibration-resistant ABS plastic shell. Manufacturers two-year warranty. Internal dimensions: 13.75L x 7.5W x 8.2H. External dimensions: 17.5L x 11.3W x 15.8H. Weight: 26 lbs. - $659.99