Engel 12-Volt AC/DC Freezers (34 QUART) - $899.99

Travel with confidence knowing that whatever you want kept refrigerated or frozen - food or bagged game or fish - will stay that way no matter the weather conditions with Engel's versatile portable freezers. And since they can be powered by any 12/24-volt DC system or 110-volt AC system, they're perfect for a variety of uses; extended camping outings or distant fishing and hunting trips as well as at home when you run short of fridge or freezer space. Advanced, vibration- resistant compressor technology operates at angles up to 30 so they can safely be used in RVs, boats and other vehicles. All sport variable thermostats, have a cooling/freezing range of 40 to 0 F and consume very little power. Each includes AC and DC power cords. Each is 100% CFC- free. Size: 34 QUART. - $899.99