Energizer LED Headlamps - White - $10.88

Energizers LED Headlamps are a brilliant, versatile and comfortable source of illumination offered at an affordable price. Light assembly pivots, so you can direct light where you want it. An easy-to-use multiposition switch controls the light setting. The soft elastic headband is adjustable for optimal comfort. Water-resistant to IPX4 standards. Power supplied by three AAA batteries. Available: Four LED 80-lumen output with an 8.5-hour run time on high mode. 25-meter beam distance. Three light modes with red and white light colors. Seven LED 115-lumen output with a 5.5-hour run time on high mode. 25-meter beam distance. Four light modes plus a strobe. Red and white light colors. High-Performance LED 200-lumen output with a 4-hour run time on high mode. 80-meter beam distance. Four light modes. White light only. Color: White. - $10.88