Endura Helium Jacket - $139.95

In addition to shedding water, Endura's Helium Jacket sheds light on the bleary-eyed obfuscation of dressing for an early morning ride in what promises to be mixed and perhaps nasty weather. Sometimes outerwear comes down to one question -- stacked insulative layers or less insulation and a shell' If you're like us, that decision, shell or no shell, has usually boiled down to the fact that your old waterproof jacket is not compact enough to fit in a back pocket if you get too warm. But when it's raining, the Helium Jacket will definitively keep the water and wind from sapping your body heat. Warm is always good, and the Helium's no frills design makes it super-packable and pocketable if you get lucky with some sun.You see, Endura is a company born in the Scottish Highlands, where the weather can go from bad to worse on the whisper of a breeze. They know how to dress in layers and how to use those layers to manage temperature and moisture to enjoy every ride, no matter the conditions. The Helium Jacket is designed expressly with this layering in mind. As stated before, it will fit in a back jersey pocket, and the best part is that it doesn't sacrifice any technical elements to be so packable. Unlike many superlight jackets, the Helium has fully taped and sealed seams to complement the waterproof, windproof, and fully breathable PTFE Protection shell material.Endura keeps things simple. The Helium has but one pocket, in the back and slightly off-center. It's perfectly useful for a stash of cash or your music player, and there's a port through which you can thread your cord to route it inside the jacket to your awaiting ears. This pocket also inverts to serve as a stuffsack for the jacket when you need to get it put away. The body of the Helium is artfully cut, gusseted, and darted to provide an athletic fit so that it feels great when you're riding -- no bunching or creeping. - $139.95