Emsco Freeride 110 Marble Flow Plastic Snowboard - $44.99

Emsco Freeride 110 Marble Flow Plastic Snowboard - Entry level snowboards give the look of a real snowboard along with the ambition to make it to the pro level where you will be shredding with the big dogs. The Freeride 110 Marble Flow Plastic Snowboard by Emsco is a great board to give your youngsters who need a little push before taking on the real mountains. This Emsco board is made of solid fiberglass-composite construction with step-in adjustable strap bindings. These bindings make for easy exit and entry as well as comfortable mobility. The awesome graphics featuring a dragon make this freeride plastic beginner board look like something fierce!Due to inconstancy's in the manufacturers warehouse there may be slight blemishes on the board including scratches to the graphic, as well as slight graphic misplacement. These issues are all minor and in no way harm the structural integrity of the board. They are again reflected in the pricing discount. . Skill Range: Beginner - Intermediate, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 254799 - $44.99