Ecotricity ECO1800 Solar-Powered Generator - $1,649.99

Emergency situations can t always be prevented, but you can prepare for them with a little forethought. Now you can feel more confident knowing you have an emergency power source at your fingertips with this portable Solar-Powered Generator. The generator reaches a full charge within 12 hours using the solar panel giving you an average of four hours to power a cordless phone, television, clock radio or lamp. Use it in your home office to power your printer, laptop or wireless router for up to 10 hours. Four AC/DC outlets and charging gives you the choice to charge via the sun or through an electric outlet. Compared to potentially hazardous emissions typical of gas-powered generators, this is one of the cleanest, quietest solar solutions on the market today. The solar panel folds down for easy transport and includes a cart for extra portability. Manufacturer's five-year warranty for the panels; one-year warranty for the base. 50-ft. cord. 120-volt output. 1,800-watt energy. - $1,649.99