Elie Gulf 120 XE Sit-On-Top Kayak - $779.00

Stable and fun, the Elie Gulf 120 XE sit-on-top kayak offers beginning and intermediate paddlers an emjoyable experience on calm waters. 3-layer polyethylene includes a special resin in the top layer, resulting in an unusually stiff, lightweight and durable watercraft. Specialized, twin-sheet thermoforming process fuses together the deck and the hull under high pressure and heat to create an inseparable watertight joint. Additional buoyancy enhances the flotation of the Elie Gulf 120 XE sit-on-top kayak. Soft padded seat ensures you have a fun, comfortable paddle without rubbing or hot spots, and perforated foam backrest promotes cool air circulation. Backrest supports your paddle stroke with noticeable flex and the shape closely follows the natural curve of the lower back. Raise the height of the backrest using the handle situated in the rear of the seat, and adjust the angle of the seat to enhance thigh support using 2 easy-to-access straps. Large footbraces adjust to ensure a comfortable paddling position. Cockpit includes 2 small storage compartments on either side of seat. Day hatch behind cockpit includes a small dry bag to shelter splash-sensitive equipment. Quick-lock hatch covers feature a hinged design and locking lever; to open hatch, simply slide lever to unlock cover and flip open to access gear. Stern storage area features a deck cover suspended by bungees. Extended keel enhances tracking, and drainage holes throughout kayak help keep things dry. The Elie Gulf 120 XE sit-on-top kayak includes carry handles at sides, bow and stern, as well as paddle keepers, tie-down eyelets and a bow storage bungee. - $779.00