Electric EGB Snow Goggles - $32.83

Electric EGB snow goggles deliver clear, crisp optics at a great value so you can maintain visual acuity on the mountain without having to break the bank. Cylindrical dual polycarbonate lens offers clear vision and 100% UV protection; antifog coating prevents lens from fogging up. Scratch-resistant coating boosts lens resilience. Lightweight, abrasion-resistant ergonomic frame retains maximum flex in extremely low temperatures. Double-layer, moisture-wicking face foam creates a comfortable interface. Vent foam allows maximum breathability while keeping wind and moisture out; vent slots and foam are placed to promote proper airflow. Adjustable strap offers a helmet-compatible fit. Bronze-tinted lens enhances shadow contrast in conditions ranging from cloudy to sunny; allows 24% visible light transmission. Electric EGB goggles come with a microfiber pouch to protect your optics. - $32.83