Electric EG2 Snow Goggles - $95.83

Offering wide-screen-like view, the Electric EG2 snow goggles boast an oversize lens, great ventilation and a comfortable fit to ensure clear performance on the slopes. Oversize, spherical dual polycarbonate lens offers an exceptionally clear view and 100% UV protection; antifog coating prevents lens from fogging up. Anti-reflective coating utilizes a soft mirror to dramatically reduce glare and eye strain; scratch-resistant coating boosts lens resilience. Lightweight, abrasion-resistant ergonomic frame retains maximum flex in cold temperatures. Triple-layer, moisture-wicking face foam with hypoallergenic fleece creates a comfortable interface and wind shield. Vent foam allows maximum breathability while keeping wind and moisture out; vent slots and foam are placed to promote proper airflow. Wide, adjustable strap offers a comfortable and secure, helmet-compatible fit. Bronze-tinted, red-chromed lens increases shadow contrast in a variety of conditions, ranging from low light and cloudy to bright and sunny. Electric EG2 goggles are designed to fit medium- to large-sized heads. - $95.83