Electric Chromovolt Slim Fit Hoodie Heather Grey - Men's - $28.95

Do you have an electric feel to you? Do you love being active and up and about? Well if you love electricity you will love this Electric Chromovolt Slim Fit Hoodie. It offers a great lightning bolt design on the front that really looks great. It's a zip up hoodie so you have the convenience of zipping up or down your hoodie to get the perfect amount of warmth for you body. It's also an extremely durable and comfortable hoodie that is made out of some great material, so it will last the test of time and you will be able to enjoy this sweater for the great times ahead of you.Key Features of the Electric Chromovolt Slim Fit Hoodie: Slim Fit Brushed Screenprint 80% Cotton 20% Poly - $28.95