Electra RatRod 1 20-Inch Boys' Bike - $299.00

The RatRod 20-inch boys' bike-it's all about fun, easy riding for young lads with hotrods on their minds. With a single speed and coaster brakes, the kids-size RatRod is simplicity itself; there are no shifters and hand brakes to concern a new rider. Flame graphics on the black frame, fenders and chainguard suit a young man's sensibilities; he'll love the look of the spring-cushioned saddle as well. Custom red rims set the look off nicely. Integrated coaster brake is both effective and intuitively simple to use-just have him pedal in reverse. Sturdy steel frame withstands all sorts of abuse; metal chain cover and fenders help protect child from grime and moving parts. Flat Foot Technology lets a child to rest both feet on the ground while seated on the saddle. Ergonomic saddle helps balance the child atop the bike in comfort; handlebar design accommodates an upright ride and enhances control. Wide balloon tires enhance stability and traction. - $299.00