Electra Hawaii 3i Step-Through Bike - Women's - 2013 - $499.00

Electra Hawaii 3. It's all about the fun. About riding the boardwalk in light summer clothes, with flip flops on your feet and a smile on your face. Red frame and fenders with Hawaii flower decals and flower-embroidered spring seat set the spirit for the Hawaii 3-feminine and fun all the way. White sidewall tires bring home the festive look; they're wide, to provide stability at unhurried speeds. High-tensile steel frame has natural, built-in flex, so a fun-loving woman needn't worry over little bumps in the road. Step-through frame makes mounting and dismounting saddle quick and easy, and reduces fear of sudden stops. Innovative geometry places pedals fore of the seatpost, which creates a low center of gravity and positions rider in an upright, balanced position. Result is a comfortable riding position, full leg extension for maximum power, and, typically, an ability to reach the ground with both feet. Shimano Nexus three-speed shifting system is sealed in the rear hub; it's easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Plus, you can shift at a standstill-awkward starts into busy intersections are a thing of the past. Integrated coaster brake is both effective and intuitively simple to use-just pedal in reverse, like you did as a child on your first bike. Platform pedals accept just about any pair of shoes or flip flops; full-length chainguard keeps pants leg and skirt free of oil and entanglement. One size fits most. - $499.00