Edelrid Merlin 8mm x 100m Dry Half Rope - 2012 Closeout - $227.93

The 100m spool of Edelrid Merlin 8mm dry half rope lets you determine the length of rope you need for your style of climbing, whether you're rock climbing, ice climbing or mountaineering. Dry Shield chemical finish protects the sheath and core yarns against moisture and dirt; finish resists washing out and improves the lifespan of the rope. Thermo Shield treatment consists of a heat process to stabilize individual yarns, ensuring the rope stays supple throughout its working lifetime. Small 8mm diameter keeps the weight down to 44g per meter, making the Merlin light and nimble for long climbs in the mountains. Kernmantle design features a stretchy core protected by a durable outer sheath which combine for strength and good handling. Edelrid Merlin 8mm x 100m dry half rope meets UIAA tests for falls, impact force and elongation. Note: Half ropes of the same brand, yet different color, are designed to be used as a pair; handling, elongation and strength differ from brand to brand so don't mix and match. Closeout. - $227.93