Eddyline Sky10 Kayak - $844.93

Speedy, fun and ready for adventure, the Eddyline Sky 10 kayak offers high quality in an eye-pleasing design. Build with abundant stability that beginners will love, the Eddyline Sky 10 kayak moves easily when paddled at cruising speed on lakes, easy-going rivers and shorelines. What really stands out about the Sky 10 is its unique construction that offers the looks and performance of a composite kayak with the durability of a plastic hull. Co-extruded plastic laminate creates a hull that rivals the qualities of fiberglass-Eddyline calls it Carbonite 2000. Plastic is first shaped into a 2-layer sheet with durable interior and a an abrasion- and UV-resistant exterior. Then the sheet is formed into the hull of the kayak using very high temperatures and a vacuum. This 2-layer plastic laminate offers incredible stiffness and a hard, glossy appearance that resists abrasion and impact. Because the hull is plastic, it can also be easily repaired. Hard chines create responsive turns and enhance tracking. Large cockpit makes it easy to get into kayak and enhances comfort during long paddles. Thighbraces increase manueverability when putting the kayak on edge. 2 hatches store day-tripping gear. The Eddyline Sky 10 also features bow and stern bulkheads, bungee deck rigging and carry handles. - $844.93