Eddyline Raven Kayak with Skeg - $2,799.00

The Eddyline Raven kayak with skeg is ready for adventures on the high seas. Its long, narrow body makes it ideal for carving through waves and swiftly traversing all kinds of waterways. Unique hull construction offers the looks and performance of a composite kayak with the durability of plastic. Named Carbonite 2000 by Eddyline, a co-extruded ABS laminate creates a hull that rivals the qualities of fiberglass. Plastic is first shaped into a 2-layer sheet with durable interior and an abrasion- and UV-resistant exterior. Sheet is then thermorformed into the hull of the kayak using very high temperatures and a vacuum. This 2-layer plastic laminate offers incredible stiffness and a hard, glossy appearance that resists abrasion and impact while remaining easy to repair. Low-angled, or "raked", bow and stern increase the waterline length when boat is loaded, improving tracking, glide and secondary stability. Hard chines midship provide great tracking while on a wave. Drop down skeg improves tracking and balance and can be adjusted to correct for crosswinds, currents or wave direction. 10 in. forward hatch and 10 in. rear hatch provide flotation and storage; aft and forward day hatches allow for touring or multiday trips. Perimeter lines, carry handles and deck bungees complete the package so you have everything you need for a safe trip. The Eddyline Raven kayak weighs 52 lbs. - $2,799.00