Eddyline Fathom LV Kayak with Skeg - $2,293.93

Designed for small paddlers, the Eddyline Fathom LV makes it easy to point your bow to the next destination and leave your worries on the shore. Smaller, lighter, and more nimble than its larger cousin, the Eddyline Fathom LV features enough initial stability to inspire confidence on multiday excursions. What really stands out about the Fathom LV is the quality construction that offers the looks and performance of a composite kayak with the durability of a plastic hull. Co-extruded ABS laminate creates a hull that rivals the qualities of fiberglass-Eddyline calls it Carbonlite 2000. Plastic is first shaped into a 2-layer sheet with durable interior and a an abrasion- and UV-resistant exterior. Then the sheet is thermoformed into the hull of the kayak using very high temperatures and a vacuum. This 2-layer plastic laminate offers incredible stiffness and a hard, glossy appearance that resists abrasion and impact. Because the hull is plastic, it can also be easily repaired. Hard chines midship and healthy degree of rocker enhance secondary stability. High secondary stability makes it easy to lean into edged turns and execute very tight turns. Curved front deck offers clearance no matter if you use a high-angle or low-angle paddling stroke. Contoured thigh braces offer a secure fit for any size paddler. Sliding seat adjusts in relation to the thighbraces to enhance comfort. Low back deck makes it easy to execute a roll. Skeg is deployable in small increments to allow for fine tuning in any condition. Carry handles make getting to the water easy, and decklines offer a spot to grab when getting back into the boat after a wet exit. The Eddyline Fathom also features bulkheads, a recessed compass holder, and 3 day hatches with enough space to easily pack in overnight gear and then some. - $2,293.93