Easton Havoc Stem - $71.96

You gotta love that the Easton Havoc Stemis CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum. That's gonna give you some serious steering confidence. But sheer mass alone isn't the Easton modus operandi. They've also built in a bit of science -- even if that's the farthest thing from your mind as you gap a rock garden and dive for the next wall ride.Eye up the Havoc Stem nose-first, from the face plate back toward the steerer, and you can see their first trick. The face clamp has scalloped shoulders that crest in toward the bar contact patch. This broadens the clamping force, and the same shaping is also used at the mouth of the stem itself. This ensures that the stem doesn't create a stress riser at the bar/stem junction, and the massive bending loads that the bar experiences when you land a jump get distributed along a greater portion of the bar. This design helps the Havoc Stem make your bars more durable.And even if you're mostly wanting a stem that's totally bombproof, Easton still milled out the body of this stem to remove all extraneous material, reducing weight and consequent steering heft. Note how even the steerer clamp is pared to a minimum. There's simply no need for extra alloy here, as the stress on this part of the stem isn't as great as it is at the bars -- where Easton wisely concentrates the bulk of the Havoc Stem's mass.The Easton Havoc Stem is made of Easton CNC Aluminum, and is available for 1-1/8" steerers. It comes in 35, 50, and 65mm lengths. It fits 31.8mm handlebars and has a 0 rise. Color options include Gloss Black and Orange anodized.Application: All-Mountain/Gravity - $71.96