Easton Havoc 35 Stem - $99.95

How do you make a single block of aluminum into a revolution' With a CNC machine and a ton of innovation. That was Eastons approach, anyway, when it set out to build the first over-oversized stem, the Havoc 35. The friendly folks at Easton noted that handlebars, especially DH bars, were getting wider and wider and nothing was being done to alleviate the added stress caused by the increasing leverage ratios. 26.8mm clamps were fine when handlebars were 550mm wide. As most bars crept up to 650 and 700mm, the standard became a 31.8mm clamp. These days, however, it seems like everyone on the trail has a 750mm bar with the same 31.8mm clamp, and its being overwhelmed. So, leave it to the designers at Easton to introduce the 35mm clamp along with their new 800mm bars. At nearly 10 inches wider than some XC bars in the early 90s, these super-wide bars give the rider buckets of stability and steering leverage, thus the new clamp size. The Havoc also boasts Eastons Distributed Stress Technology. Clamping forces are distributed over a wider area of the handlebar. This makes the bars less likely to fail and creates a stiffer bar/stem interface. It also works really well with carbon and lightweight bars. Another innovation is Eastons Top-Lock Technology. The stem body and faceplate have corresponding shapes that lock together to add grip and increase stiffness. More than just a pretty face(plate), the Easton Havoc 35 Stem presents innovative and exciting solutions to some problems that date back to the dawn of mountain biking. While the 35mm clamp has a long way to go before its considered the industry standard, we feel that it has a pretty good shot because its one of the few ideas that weve seen that appears to have all benefits with no real drawbacks. The havoc 35 weighs 190 grams. Its 50mm and is available in Black or Orange Anodized. - $99.95