Easton EC90 Zero Seatpost - $140.00

We've long been fans of the Thomson Elite seatpost. Why' It's nicely light, it allows you to nose your saddle up/down with infinite adjustability, and it has no setback -- perfect for riders whose less-than-Yoga-master flexibility and/or short femurs cause them to be more comfortable further ahead of the bottom bracket.Nevertheless, Thomson's post is made from aluminum and aluminum has its drawbacks -- you can't make it look much better than sort of cool, and you can't give it the lightness of super high-end carbon fiber.Easton comes to the rescue with their EC90 Zero Setback Carbon seatpost. It's full carbon, including the head, and you get loads of durability thanks to the fact that it makes use of Easton's Taperwall technology. The post and the head are part of a monocoque design with no bonding to it. The EC90 Zero Setback uses two steel bolts to allow you to microadjust your saddle position. Even though the Easton post is 17% longer than a 250mm Thomson Elite road post -- at 300mm it's long enough for many of the compact bikes we sell -- it is 12% lighter.It has a 5 year warranty from manufacturing defect.The weight of the Easton EC90 Zero Carbon Fiber Seatpost: 27.2x300mm is 168g. 27.2x400mm is 206g. 31.6x300mm is 204g. 31.6x400mm is 248g.RAD Relief-Area Design is a flat spot running the length of the seat post that corresponds with the clamp zone to prevent damaged carbon due to pinching TaperWall technology creates optimum tube diameter and shape to maximize strength, weight, and fatigue life Constructed of proprietary CNT carbon composite for an unbeatable strength-to-weight ratio - $140.00