Easton EA70 XC Wide Handlebar - $38.50

The tall front end and longer axle-to-crown length on the forks of 29ers has led to some debate as to the best handlebar setup on these big-wheeled bikes. As 29ers have gradually evolved and gained mainstream acceptance over the last decade, you've witnessed riders drift from flat bars sporting ubiquitous barends to trendy moto-esque riser bars. But after thousands of miles and countless forum flame wars, flat bars are now becoming the bars of choice for 29ers, because they deliver the width and sweep of a riser bar without raising the front end even higher than it already is. Easton's aluminum flat bar, the EA70 XC Wide Handlebar, has quickly become one of the more popular handlebars for both the 29er and single-speed sects.The reason for this bar's popularity is its 685mm (27in) width, and Easton's reputation for making quality components. Each design has to pass rigorous testing developed through more than two decades of refinement for sports as widely varied as baseball, hockey, and lacrosse. And to ensure the utmost quality, the testing is done at 's Easton's in-house quality lab. A result of this testing, Easton increased this bar's wall thickness in the clamping areas to make sure they're plenty strong.The Easton EA70 XC Wide Handlebar features an ergonomic, wrist-pleasing nine-degree bend and has a 31.8mm clamp diameter. Its durable anodized black finish will look great for many miles. - $38.50