Easton EA70 Stem - $38.47

Easton's EA70 stem is crafted from forged and shot-peened aluminum for superior strength. By aligning the grain structure of the metal, their engineers can design it to use less material, hence the feathery 145 gram weight total. Sure, it's light, but not at a sacrifice to performance. The EA70 uses a four-bolt clamp with their latest great idea, Top-Lock, which is essentially a tongue and groove interface that virtually eliminates bending forces on the top two bolts, improving durability and strength without adding weight. In use, the top two bolts are torqued first in order to draw the Top-Lock connection tight. Then the lower two bolts are torqued to spec, ensuring a snug, distortion free junction with the handlebar. The stem body and faceplate also feature what appear to be stubby wings on either side of the clamp section. These wings, along with the narrowed bolt centers, work together to distribute stresses along a greater section of the handlebar. Easton works hard in their testing lab to make sure that the EA70 will be not only compatible, but safe to use with your lightweight handlebars.The Easton EA70 Stem has a 31.8mm clamp diameter and is designed for 1-1/8" steerers only. It has a 6 andA20Arise and is available these lengths --90, 100, 110, 120, and 130mm. 145 grams. - $38.47