Easton Da'Torch Arrows with Blazers - White - $96.99

Michael Waddells Easton DaTorch with Blazers signature series arrows are the most advanced all-carbon shafts to ever bear the Easton name. DaTorch joins the Easton lineup with a first-of-its-kind innovative low-profile 6mm H-diameter shafts that absorb energy from high-power bow limbs and lay down a super-flat trajectory straight to your target. DaTorch uses an Easton-designed advanced .001 straightness, multilayer carbon shaft with the most precise point and nock components available for the ultimate in accuracy. Plus, it adds blistering speed for the straightest line direct to the vitals. Arrows are full length, and an Easton-exclusive graphic process is applied over the entire shaft making it one of the most visibly striking shafts in the woods. Recommended field-point size: 9/32. UNI bushings, X Nocks and precision-machined HP inserts included. Per 6. Sizes: 330 (7.9 gpi), 400 (7.2 gpi). Straightness factor: .001. Wt. tolerance: 1 grain. Dia: .234. Vane colors may vary from what is shown. Bloodline Selection Chart Bow Weight 27 28 29 30 31 Color: White. Type: Fletched Arrows. - $96.99