Easton Attack TT Adjustable Handlebar - 31.8 - $585.00

Attacking and time trialing seem like two different things. But attacking is more than just something you do; it's a frame of mind. Easton's Attack time trial handlebars put you in the right position to get on course with the necessary sustained ferocity whether it's a 4km pursuit, a 40km TT, or a 112-mile Ironman bike segment.The central feature of any time trial handlebar setup is the extension. Here, Easton made a great upgrade to the bars; there's a smart, slim, light collet system to secure the bars you reach for. You can hand-tighten them when tuning in your position and then use the included wrench to lock them into place. The carbon-fiber S-bend bars are designed with Taperwall construction; continuously variable internal butting putting extra meat where you need it and less where you don't. The S-bends have 280mm of reach when they're all the way in. You can cut them down to 250mm and still have enough at the end of the S to install bar-end shifters. If you totally extend them, they reach to 340mm. You can route the cables through the extensions easily and they'll exit the bars in a great position to work with either standard downtube routing or new-fangled aero bike behind the stem routing. The armrests are adjustable both side-to-side and forward-to back, giving you plenty of options to narrow your arms for short and straight events and widen them for long and windy events. The base bar is made of Taperwalled carbon-fiber and has an elongated shape to the center section for better aerodynamics. The middle has a diameter of 31.8mm; any 31.8mm handlebar clamp stem will work safely with the bars without voiding the five-year warranty. The cowhorns are straight and only come at 42cm center-to-center. Just about any aerobar brake lever will work with the Easton Attack bars, though the Vision levers will need the Vision adapters. Here, too, the cables route internally and exit in the back for easy routing to the front brake and cable guides for the rear brake. - $585.00