E.A.R. Inc. Ear Impression Kit - $39.88

Make custom-fitting ear impressions for hearing aids and other hearing devices at home. Each EZ Ear Impression Kit includes three pairs of foam Oto Blocks (small, medium and large), one syringe, one ear light and four packs of two-part silicone impression material. To make your impressions: simply inspect an ear for obstructions; choose the best-fitting Otoblock and insert it in the ear; prepare the silicone impression material (the compound will begin to harden immediately and will be unusable in 3-5 minutes); insert the compound into the syringe; place the nozzle 1/8 into the ear canal and gently push the compound out with the plunger; slowly withdrawl the nozzle as the ear canal is filled; once the canal is filled, press the impression with your fingers to eliminate air pockets; then continue filling the bowl, helix and tragus areas; carefully press the material again to eliminate air pockets; let material set for 8 minutes; and finally, remove the impression and inspect its quality according to the included instructions. - $39.88