Dynastar 6Th Sense Superpipe Skis - $198.95

With more pop than a can full of soda mixed with explosive candy, the Dynastar 6th Sense Superpipe Ski reigns supreme over the park and pipe. A lively combination of materials in its core gives this ride a snappy feel on take-off and a buttery-smooth flex on jump transitions and pipe walls. Dynastar kept the swing weight low so once you're in the air it's easy to bring the Superpipe around for another rotation or two. Key Features of the Dynastar 6Th Sense Superpipe Skis: Lengths 155cm, 165cm, 175cm, 182cm Dimensions 112 / 78 / 102mm Turn Radius 21m Construction Traditional sandwich, Spring Blade Tail Twintip Freestyle Ski Wood Core Regular Camber - $198.95