Dual MCP 300 Stereo Package - $129.99

Take your music library on your next boat outing. Enjoy music from CDs, MP3 and WMA devices, USB drives or SD cards. Connect drives to the front USB input. SD-card input is behind the faceplate. The faceplate is made of UV-resistant resins, while each input port has a silicone plug tethered to the unit to prevent moisture and debris from getting in. All exposed metal components are coated with electrically charged paint to protect against corrosion and rust. The entire chassis is wrapped in a dirt- and moisture-resistant layer of polyethylene for additional protection. Two 6-1/2 polypropylene dual-cone speakers deliver exceptional vocal clarity. Injection-molded woofer cones for accurate bass response. Includes a remote control.Stereo maximum output power: 4x60 watt.Speakers maximum output power: 100 watts. - $129.99