DT Swiss QR to Thru Bolt Conversion Kit - $38.00

If you've got conventional quick releases on your DT Swiss 240s equipped bike and want more security and stiffness, these are the kits you need to upgrade to RWS Thru-Bolts. The advantage of the DT Swiss RWS Thru-Bolt is that it can be tightened more than your average skewer and won't flex or stretch when it is under a heavy load, like braking on rough downhills, or during hard cornering. The DT Swiss QR to Thru-Bolt Conversion Kit is available for front and rear 240s hubs. Both front and rear kits contain the appropriate end caps to make the switch to use the 9mm or 10mm RWS Thru-Bolts respectively. Please note: these kits do NOT include the RWS Thru-Bolts. You'll need to purchase those separately.Note also: The front hub conversion is specific to the 6-bolt 240s hub and the rear hub conversion also works with XRC 1350, XR / X, XM / M and EXC / EX / E wheels. - $38.00