Drury Outdoors Whitetail Obsession DVDs Series - $4.88

Tag along with Jay Gregory and the Wild Outdoors Pro Staff as they take you through the numbers game of hunting big bucks. Available: In Whitetail Obsession 9, Jay Gregory and family take you through the trials and tribulations of hunting big deer. Over 20 hunts from 2008. 150+ minutes. DVD. In Whitetail Obsession 10, watch the Wild Outdoors team on 20 exciting bowhunts. Be there when Jay and Tammi Gregory double up on 180 and 193 late-season whitetails from the same ground blind! Wyatt Gregorys in on the action as well, with a 150-class bad boy. 150 minutes. DVD. In Whitetail Obsession 11, follow the Wild Oudoors team on 15 pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat bowhunts for monster whitetails. It features nonstop action from start to finish, and five bucks that score over 160. 150 minutes. DVD. Type: DVD. - $4.88