Drake Fifty Lobster Snowboard Bindings Fuschia/Green - $111.95

Just one word to describe this binding; COOL! Developed in collaboration with Lobster clothing, the Fifty Lobster is a mix of style and technology. Extremely accurate in graphic detail it allows a forgiving flex and a mighty fit respectively thanks to the CONTOUR (Eclipse, Egg) highback and the SUPER MPC ankle SURROUND convertible toe straps. The CONTACT PAD interface resistance, especially for raw and dirty landings. This binding is born for stylish and cool riders who want to pump on the snow! DEVILS IS IN THE DETAILS.Key Features of the Drake Fifty Lobster Snowboard Bindings: Delta Light baseplate Contact Pad Interface Rebound heel absorber dampening Urethane Highback Comfit, Premium MFC ankle strap Ultrathin Convertible toe strap Mac 5 buckles Classic Discs - $111.95