Component Systems Powder Paints - $3.88

Don t throw away those tired, colorless jigs after the paint chips off of them. Bring their brilliant, high-gloss finish back to life in seconds using this powder paint. The simple-to-use, odorless paint doesn t require mixing, and you don t need a primer coat or gloss. To apply, simply heat the jig with a lighter or torch for a few seconds, then swish the jig in the powder paint using a back and forth motion. Your jigs are now ready for use. For a more durable, chip-resistant finish, cure them in an oven set at 350 F for 15 minutes. 2-oz. jar covers over 3,000 of your 3/8-oz. jigs. Size: 2 oz.Colors: Powder Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Salmon Pink, Tree Bark, Watermelon. - $3.88