Dog Bone Shed Antler Retrieving System - $29.99

The smart way to teach your dog how to retrieve shed antlers. Its made of the same soft material as most retrieving dummies for a familiar feel that wont give dogs or puppies a negative experience. Its a simple process first, introduce dogs to shed retrieving with the Dog Bone and make a positive impression. Second, condition dogs to the scent of real antlers by applying the included 2-oz. bottle of Dog Bone Antler Scent. Made from pulverized antlers, the Dog Bone Antler Scent give dogs a lifelike experience. Third, replace the Dog Bone with a real shed antler coated in the Dog Bone Antler Scent and build your dog's confidence. The Dog Bone has a realistic look, color and shape. Hand rope for easy tossing and preventing scent contamination. Made in USA. - $29.99