Dig IN Anchor Pole - $212.99

Do away with the back-breaking task of pulling your heavy anchor out of the mud. Mount an easy-to-install Mount and Anchor Pole to your boat, lower the pole quietly into the water until it reaches the bottom and anchor it for a drift-free shallow-water fishing experience. Weighing less than 2.5 lbs., the high-strength 3/4 fiberglass Anchor Pole will not scare fish away when deployed and it doesnt damage grass, lake or stream beds. Equipped with a rubber handle and foam comfort grip, the Anchor Pole can also serve as a push pole. Mounts are built of marine-grade aluminum and include all necessary hardware. Available: 8-ft. Anchor Pole 10-ft. Anchor Pole 12-ft. Anchor Pole 5 Transom Mount 10 Transom Mount Standard Motor Mount 3 Deck Rise Bow Mount 6 Deck Rise Bow Mount Type: Shallow-Water Anchors. - $212.99