Diadora X Trail 2 Carbon Shoes - Men's - $249.00

Diadora built its new X Trail 2 Carbon Shoes with all of the durable, race-ready design cues carried over from the original X Trail, and combined them with its new carbon sole. The result is a fit that comfortably wraps and supports your feet for those brutal all-day efforts, with an ultra-lightweight sole that makes sure every pedal stroke transmits the ultimate power to your rear wheel. Diadora engineered the X Trail 2 Carbon Shoes around its Race Shape last. This last shape forms precisely to your foot, combining just the right amount of arch support with forefoot and midfoot hold. Additionally, this design lends itself to securing heel retention as well. This comfortable cradle on the foot is achieved using Diadora's Suprell-Tech and Morpho Cage design. Essentially, this is a leather/polyurethane and lightweight mesh 'space frame' construction that's been designed to support pedaling motions with its ultra-stable and breathable composition. At the heel cup, Diadora designed the X Trail 2 to perfectly contain the rider's foot in its seat by armoring the delicate Achilles tendon with a two-part composition. For structural rigidity, the pre-molded thermoplastic polyurethane heel cup uses a firm composite around the back, with softer and more flexible plastics along the sides. At the closure system of the shoes, Diadora incorporated three separate straps that each performs specific retention functions. Across the forefoot, Diadora added its V-Fit hook-and-look strap, allowing you to easily control the volume over the forefoot. Moving up from that is the dual-ring 'Double Speedlace' strap. This is also a hook-and-loop strap, but you get two options for customizable midfoot retention. If your feet are narrow and you have a low arch, use the second ring. Do you have wide feet with a high instep' Take the first ring. In either case, you will be able to get a supportive and comfortable fit that matches your individual foot shape. - $249.00