Dexas Adjustable-Height Pet Feeder - $40.49

This elevated pet feeder grows along with your pets! Adjustable legs raise the feeding bowls on the stand from 8 to 13 high. This elevated position alleviates stress placed on pets joints as they lean forward to eat. It also improves digestion and encourages a more ergonomic feeding posture. This is a perfect feeding-bowl option for older dogs, dogs with arthritis and especially tall breeds. The bowls are detachable and dishwasher-safe. Each bowl has a 4-cup/32-oz. capacity. The entire unit, including the bowls, collapses down for easy transport or storage. Works great wherever you are -- home, RVs, boats, cars, hotels and camping.Dimensions:19.25L x 9.375W x 2.75H.Color: Brown/Green. Type: Pet Feeders. - $40.49