Mossy Oak Biologic Last Bite Forage Blend - $24.99

Designed to hold deer from bow season through late gun, this mix of cold-tolerant oats, winter wheat, annual clover and two brassicas provide start-to-finish forage. Instantly attractive to deer and huntable in just two weeks with adequate moisture. Full-season nutrition tightens the core area of your deer herd. 11-1/4-lb. bag plants 1/4 acre. BioLogic forage blends build on the proven methods of ranchers in New Zealand, where commercial venison rivals beef production and antler velvet is a major export. That means each forage blend is scientifically formulated and rigorously field-tested for bankable results whether you want bigger trophies on the wall or more happy clients that are sure to come back next year. It all starts with high standards thats why every forage blend must meet six criteria for success:durability, preference, nutrition, drought-tolerance, attractiveness and palatability. In short, it means giving deer what they crave. Count on proven BioLogic research for healthy herds, bigger bucks and better hunts. - $24.99