Lindy Dancin Crappie Tube - $0.88

Designed specifically to catch slab-sized crappies by angling legend Bill Dance. Paint-free eyelet and multiple color assortment. Pre-rigged with Dancin Crappie Tube. Includes one rigged body with three extra tubes. Sizes: 1/8 oz., 1/16 oz., 1/32 oz.Colors: (001)Black/Aurora Black, (002)Pearl White/Jack-O, (003)Red/Split Melon, (004)Black/Bahama Cruise, (005)Pearl White/Mohawk, (006)Hot Pink/The Secret, (007)Red/Succotash, (008)Hot Yellow/War Paint, (009)Hot Yellow/Hot Mess, (010)Black/Gator, (011)Hot Pink/Roller Derby, (012)Black/Game Day, (013)Red/Fly Trap, (100)Pearl White/Aurora Blue. - $0.88