Joe Bucher's Buchertail - $14.99

Designed by Hall of Fame angler Joe Bucher, this pike-slaying spinner is essential equipment for anyone pursuing large northerns and muskies. Fish these effective lures using a long, medium-heavy power rod and low-stretch, heavy lines. After the cast, start a fast retrieve as soon as the lure hits the water. Dont be surprised if most of your strikes occur in the first few cranks of your retrieve. Crank it faster over high weeds to run the lure shallow and retrieve it slower for a deeper run. Finish each retrieve with a figure-eight motion at the side of your boat to trigger last-second strikes from following fish. Per each.Size: 7.Colors: (110)Black Orange, (165)Tinsel Elvis, (171)Tinsel Cisco, (193)Tinsel Gold. - $14.99