Denhaus Townhaus Mahogany Wood Dog Crate Furniture (M) - $499.99

A worthy home for your dog and a decor-enhancing addition for your home. The Townhaus is crafted of tropical wood finished with a handsome mahogany stain and multiple coats of nontoxic finish and sealer to protect wood. Ventilation and a smooth finished interior ensures your dogs comfort. Removable, lockable interior door panel adds to versatility. Accented with antique brass hardware. For dog-fitting purposes, measure your dogs height from chin to paws while standing and length from chest to rear. Sizes: Small Dog height: Up to 18. Dog length: Up to 18.5. Dog weight: Less than 25 lbs. Exterior dimensions: 22.5L x 22.5H x 19.5W. Interior dimensions: 18H x 16.5W x 19L. Medium Dog height: 18-22.5. Dog length: 18.5-25.5. Dog weight: Less than 55 lbs. Exterior dimensions: 26.5L x 25H x 29.5W. Interior dimensions: 22.5H x 20.5W x 26L. Large Dog height: 22.5-28.5. Dog length: 21-31.5. Dog weight: Less than 100 lbs. Exterior dimensions: 31.5L x 25H x 35.5W. Interior dimensions: 28.5H x 20.5W x 32L. XL Dog height: 28.5-31. Dog length: 31.5-37. Dog weight: Less than 150 lbs. Exterior dimensions: 34L x 26H x 41W. Interior dimensions: 31H x 22W x 37.5L. Size: M. Color: Mahogany. - $499.99