Denhaus Townhaus Indoor Crate - Espresso 'Brown' (S) - $399.99

The only piece of furniture that doubles as a cozy crate for your dog to curl up in for the evening. Ideal as a side table in a den or living room or as a nightstand in the bedroom, its rich espresso color is sure to fit most any rooms dcor. Each is crafted of kiln-dried, tropical hardwood and finished with multiple coats of a stain and a protective sealant. The pet-safe finish is nontoxic and free of mercury, lead, cadmium and chromium. The uniquely designed door features a removable grate, so your dog can freely come and go. The interior has an extra-smooth finish for extra comfort. Antique brass hardware. Available: Small for dogs up to 18 tall, Exterior: 22.5H x 19.5W x 22.5L. Interior: 18H x 16.5W x 19L. Medium for dogs 18 to 22.5 tall, Exterior: 26.5H x 25W x 29.5L. Interior: 2.5H x 20.5W x 26L. Large for dogs 22.5 to 28.5 high, Exterior: 31.5H x 25W x 35.5L. Interior: 8.5H x 20.5W x 32L. Extra Large for dogs 28.5 to 31 tall, Exterior: 34H x 26W x 41L. Interior: 31H x 22W x 37.5L. Color: Espresso. Size: S. Color: Espresso. - $399.99