DeLorme inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator for Apple iOS and Android - $199.93

The Delorme inReach(TM) Satellite Communicator pairs with your Apple iOS or Android(R)-based smartphone or tablet to send and receive detailed messages via a global satellite network. On its own, the Delorme inReach Satellite Communicator offers all the features of a personal locator beacon via a worldwide satellite network (subscription required). Allows you to send up to 3 preloaded messages for anticipated situations such as: "made it to basecamp," "right on time to campsite" or "successful summit". Reports location, speed, heading, and elevation with each transmission, and tracking intervals can be personalized in a range between 10 min. and 4 hrs. Messages and location can be delivered to email, cell phones, Facebook(TM), Twitter(TM) or other inReach users. In an emergency, the inReach can send an SOS with your GPS location embedded directly to search and rescue teams. LED signals the successful delivery of a message. Want to send more detailed text messages with your smartphone and don't have coverage? inReach Communicator syncs with Apple iOS and Android OS devices for 2-way communication. When paired, you can compose standard text messages up to 160 characters, receive responses from other cell phones, email address or additional inReach users. Pair the inReach with an iPhone(R), iPad(R), iPod Touch(R) or and Android-based smartphone or tablet. In an emergency, increased detail in text messaging allows you to send an accurate description to better prepare rescuers. Pairing also dramatically improves GPS accuracy without draining the battery of your smarthphone or tablet. Device is waterproof (3 ft. for 30 min.), buoyant and impact resistant. Locking mechanism prevents accidental SOS triggering and allows single-handed operation. Operates on 2 AA batteries, included; to optimize performance, Delorme recommends lithium batteries, but device supports alkaline and NiMH batteries. - $199.93