Deda Elementi RS02 Seatpost - $32.00

This Deda RS02 Seatpost is structurally identical to their RS01 Seatpost. Both are 3D forged, and both have a convenient and secure two-bolt seatpost clamp assembly. The difference is purely aesthetic. This RS02 has red accents where the RS01 post is purely black and white. The red on the RS02 is a great match to the Quattro2 stem. The Deda RS02 Seatpost is 3D forged from 6061 aluminum alloy. The forging process yields an aligned grain structure within the alloy and therefore high strength. This makes it very durable as the shaft and base for the clamp assembly are created in one piece. It's available in Polished Black and White with Red accents and comes in 31.6mm diameter only. The clamp setback is 21mm and the length is 350mm. - $32.00