Deda Elementi RHM02 Alloy Aero Handlebar - $36.00

The Deda RHM02 Alloy Handlebar shares most of the design highlights of the RHM01. The important distinction is that while the RHM01 has a round cross-section on the tops, the RHM02 is aero shaped. Other than being aerodynamic, the larger surface area reduces pressure on your hands for more comfort. Its shape is also comparable to the Presa and Zero100, though material differences are what make this one more affordable. Where the Presa uses carbon fiber, and the Zero100 relies on triple-butted 7075 aluminum, the RHM02 is made of double-butted 6061 aluminum alloy. It's plenty strong for big riders and even though it gives away some grams to the more expensive parts, it's still fairly light and tips the scales at just under 300 grams.The RHM is a shallow design -- it has a reach of 75mm and a drop of 128mm. Its Continuous Incremental Radius is a patented design with a rounded drop that'll sit well with traditionalists that despise anatomic bends. The radius is shortest at the top of the drops and increases slightly towards the ends of the bar.The Deda RHM02 Alloy Handlebar comes in Black and White and is available in 42, 44, and 46cm sizes, measured from outside to outside. - $36.00