Dead Down Wind Scentprevent 3 Step Essentials - $14.88

Dead Down Winds three-step system to odor management combines laundry, personal hygiene and field-applicated scent control into one package.Includes:16-oz. Laundry Detergent - Cleans, removes protein stains, controls odor and protects against UV, all in one simple step. Great for top-load and high-efficiency washers.16-oz. Hair and Body Soap - Controls human odor and helps prevent it from reforming. Formulated for skin, hair and scalp.12-oz. Evolve Field Spray with two Pac-It Refills - Controls a wide spectrum of odors and helps prevent human odors from forming. Use as your last line of defense before going afield. Each Pac-It concentrate makes 12 oz. of Evolve Spray. These feather-light packets are ideal for backcountry or traveling hunters. Just add water. - $14.88