De Marchi SL Bib Shorts - $146.95

We find it quite unfortunate how often we're forced to compromise between comfort and durability. Typically, a pair of bib shorts are either lightweight and fall apart after a season, or their so bulky that you don't even want to wear them for an entire season. However, De Marchi has finally cracked the code with its new SL Bib Shorts. Now, with reinforced stitching and a new cut ideology, the SL is free to use lightweight materials that take the edge off of summer conditions. De Marchi used a lightweight iteration of the venerable Sports Lycra fabric for the bulk of the SL bib shorts' construction. Why' Because this material encompasses all of the characteristics necessary for cycling. It possesses a high-level of breathability and moisture management, meaning that the fibers are both permeable and moisture wicking. So, your excess body heat is allowed to escape, keeping you consistently cool. Meanwhile, the fabric's ability to pull moisture away from the skin and quickly evaporate it leaves you dry and free from irritation. Additionally, Lycra possesses a natural four-way stretch, which means that bib shorts will conform to your position and movements, not against them. This is further supported by De Marchi's incorporation of its Body Framing concept cut. Essentially, this means that SL's seam placement was designed to accommodate the body positions and movements of cycling. As a result, you'll find that the SL is free from any bunching, pinching, or chafing. However, while this high-level of structural conformity is appealing, we find it even more impressive that it doesn't inhibit Lycra's natural compressive tendencies. By this, we mean that the fabric is supportive to the muscle groups of the legs. And when couple with the six-panel cut, the bib shorts help to minimize the fatigue-inducing effects of muscle oscillation as a result of road vibration. - $146.95