De Marchi Contour Plus Ultra Cap - $40.00

Don't let the traditional good looks fool you, the DeMarchi Contour Plus Ultra Cap isn't the same one used in the 1952 Tour de France. This one is waterproof, breathable, and designed to fit comfortably under your helmet, offering weather protection and an alternative to helmet-hair at the pub, post-ride. The DeMarchi Contour Plus Cap has a classic, stylish look and endless practicality. Shield your skull from the wind, rain, and sun; protect your eyes, warm your noggin after finishing a race, keep sweat out of your eyes when mastering your spin on the rollers indoors, or sweet-talk the talent at the local caf.The Contour Plus Cap owes its versatility to its eVent waterproof breathable membrane. eVent is the most breathable completely waterproof membrane on the market, which allows sweat vapor to escape before you get that unpleasant clammy feeling inside the cap. The Castelli Retro cap comes in Black. One size fits most. - $40.00